What is Mercury Retrograde!?

What is Mercury Retrograde!?

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As an astrologer I am constantly monitoring the movement of planets. Mercury, as you probably learned in science class (unless you weren’t paying attention), is the closest planet to the sun and orbits faster than any other planet. In Roman mythology Mercury was a messenger god and is the communication planet in astrology. So wherever Mercury is in your natal chart indicates how you communicate and process information. When Mercury is “retrograde,” this signifies a setback in communication and all areas of life that the planet Mercury rules in astrology including travel and electronics.

What is a retrograde? This term is used quite often in astrology and refers to a planet that is stationary but appears to be moving backwards. Have you ever been on a train that was stationary and witnessed another train zip by, which made you feel like your train was moving backwards? This is basically what is happening when a planet appears to be retrograde in the sky. And when planets are retrograde, specifically Mercury, us little humans back on earth can feel the effects. Things may not move as smoothly and there may be delays in plans and miscommunication.
Many people dread when Mercury or other planets go retrograde but I have tips for how you can use the Mercury retrograde energy positively.

Mercury Retrograde DOs

1. Finish old projects. Mercury retrograde is about revisiting so you may feel reenergized to finish a project you started a while ago.

2. REconnect with old friends and/or flames. Was there a relationship that ended but you two are now more mature and ready to give it another go? Mercury retrograde could be a good thing for you but you won’t know if it’s meant to last until after Mercury goes direct again.

3. REcheck that email before sending. I can’t stress this enough. In my personal experience there are always technology issues when Mercury retrograde rolls around. And this includes emails. You may send an email to the wrong person or one with a ton of typos. Just make sure to proofread everything before sending.

4. Watch the Road! Hopefully this is something you’re already doing but all jokes aside you’ll want to be extra careful on the road. Remember Mercury is a messenger so this includes travel – short and long distance.

Mercury Retrograde DON’Ts

1. Purchase Electronics (This includes cars) Mercury rules technology so buying a new computer or appliance is risky business during this time. When I was shopping for my new car, just prior to Mercury retrograde, I had a cut off date for when I could purchase it. And if I couldn’t hit that date, I was going to wait until the retrograde period was over. You’re better off waiting until Mercury goes direct to make that big purchase.

2. Sign contracts. I know this may be nearly impossible for some of you because of timing but as a warning, if you sign an important contract during this time there may be issues in the future. If you have to sign an important contract during this time make sure you read it several times, especially the small print.

3. Breakup with your long-term boo. Miscommunication is a major theme of Mercury retrograde so arguments can happen. Don’t let a heat of the moment decision ruin something with long term potential. If you have a big blow up with someone close just take a time out. The problem may be easier to resolve after Mercury goes direct.

These tips are useful for all 12 zodiac signs but I urge Gemini’s and Virgos to really follow them. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo so whenever it goes retrograde, they are more susceptible to feeling the effects. The same applies if Mercury is going retrograde in your sign. Below is a list of the remaining Mercury Retrograde periods for the remainder of 2017. Take heed!

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 9th, Direct in Aries May 3rd
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo August 12th, Direct in Leo September 5th
Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius December 3rd, Direct in Sagittarius December 22nd