Astrology & Travel: Vacations For Your Zodiac...

Astrology & Travel: Vacations For Your Zodiac Sign

Woman in Cabo San Lucas

Have you ever travelled to a new city and felt completely inspired? I’m not talking about the average traveller’s experience which includes an appreciation for the city’s monuments, architecture and people. I’m talking about an inexplicable spiritual connection to a city that leaves you feeling completely exhilarated with the sentiment that you need to return some day. On the flip side, have you ever felt drained after visiting a new city? Maybe you had to spend summers in a city away from your family and you dreaded it. Or maybe your job put you on an assignment in another location and you counted down the days until you returned “home.” 

I have an explanation for both the negative and positive connections you may have to various cities – Astrocartography! Astro..WHAT???  Astrocartography was developed by Astrologer Jim Lewis and to sum it up in laymen’s terms, it’s a segment of astrology that uses a person’s astrological chart (natal chart) to display specific cities/locations on a world map in relation to planets & angles in their horoscope. This information can be used to help a person decide on a city to relocate to or simply visit by analyzing their chance for success in that particular location. I highly recommend that before any of you consider making a move, you consult an astrologer *clears throat* (me). If you’re looking for love and can’t find it where you live, I can find the cities that lie under your Venus (love planet) line and let you know where relationships may be auspicious for you. Feeling creatively blocked? I can look for a city where your sun (sign) will be invigorated. 

Travel Planning

In addition to Astrocartography, each zodiac sign is connected to different cities and countries in the world, partially determined by the date the city/country/territory was founded. For example, the United States is a Cancer according to its often debated birth time of July 4, 1776 at 5.10pm in Philadelphia, PA. That would give the USA an Aquarius Moon (like me!) which is interesting considering Aquarius and Scorpio have a claim to fame as the zodiac signs of the majority of the 45 Unites States presidents.

So if you’re gearing up for summer travel, thinking about planning a trip, or simply want to know why you feel connected to a city you’ve never even visited, check out my recommended travel locations based on your zodiac sign.

Aries Glyph

Aries Countries: Denmark, England, Israel, Palestine, Germany
Aries Cities: Birmingham, England, Berlin, Germany, Florence and Naples, Italy, Marseille, France

Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac so cold temperatures may not be their favorite. Marseille, France has the perfect Mediterranean climate for The Ram and is the sunniest major city in France with over 2,900 hours of sunshine.

Marseille France Palais du PharoSource: Business Insider

Taurus Glyph

Taurus Countries: Australia, Iran, The Netherlands, Ireland, Tasmania, Greece 
Taurus Cities: Dublin, Ireland, Parma and Palermo, Italy, Rhodes, Greece, St. Louis Missouri

Although St. Louis, Missouri sounds like a good time…I recommend a trip to Palermo, Italy, capital of Sicily for The Bull. Venus ruled Taurus loves all things that bring pleasure so eating good food and drinking good wine in a beautiful coastal city equals heaven for this sign. 

Palermo ItalySource: Easy Jet 

Gemini Glyph

Gemini Countries: Belgium, Northeast Coast of Africa, Egypt, Wales, Sardinia
Gemini Cities: London, England, Nuremberg, Germany, Metz, France, San Francisco, CA

One of my favorite things about London is the fusion of both the old and new world which can be seen through its unique mix of architecture. A mutable sign like Gemini will never be bored there with so much visual stimulation.

And since Gemini’s love double everything, I’m adding Egypt to the list as well…since you know The Twins will not be able to make up its mind about where to travel next. 

London, England


Cancer Glyph

Cancer Countries: West Africa, Algeria, Scotland, New Zealand, Paraguay
Cancer Cities: Berne, Switzerland, Cadiz, Spain, Manchester England, New York City, Milan, Italy, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Stockholm

Cancer rules the home but this doesn’t mean they don’t like to travel! No part of New Zealand is more than 128km (79 miles) from the sea which will help The Crab feel right at home. 


Leo Glyph

Leo Countries: Italy, France, Sicily, Romania
Leo Cities: Bath, England, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rome, Italy, Chicago, Bombay, India, Madrid, Spain, Prague

Most people are familiar with the famous ancient Roman amphitheater, The Colosseum where gladiator combats took place. But have you heard of Damnatio ad bestias or “Damnation to Beasts” in which criminals were executed by animals such as lions?  So obviously Rome is a good place for Leo The Lion to visit if they don’t want to be tamed. 

Roman Colosseum

Virgo Glyph

Virgo Countries: Brazil, Greece, Crete, Turkey, Switzerland
Virgo Cities: Boston, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, CA, Jerusalem, Padua, Italy, Basel, Switzerland, Baghdad, Iraq, Lyons, France

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by communication planet Mercury. The energy of this planet is usually expressed verbally for Gemini but many Virgos are introverts. Boston is internationally known for its top universities and provides the perfect environment for intellectual Virgos to expand their knowledge. 


Libra Glyph

Libra Countries: China, Burma, Tibet, Japan, Austria, Canada, Argentina 
Libra Cities: Copenhagen, Denmark, Vienna, Austria, Leeds, England, Lisbon, Portugal, Frankfurt, Germany 

Aside from being known for its beautiful and relaxing hot springs which Venus ruled Libras would love, Japan is a great place for relationship oriented Libra to visit during Christmas since it’s not celebrated as a religious holiday there. It’s a time to spread happiness and Christmas Eve is celebrated as a romantic day where couples exchange presents. Start writing your wish list!


Scorpio Glyph

Scorpio Countries: Algeria, Korea, Norway, Paraguay, Morocco, Bavaria
Scorpio Cities: Dover and Liverpool, England, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nova Scotia, Baltimore, MD, Sicily, New Orleans, LA, Washington D.C.

Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology which governs sex, death and insurance, three things New Orleans has a lot of. This amazing city is known for being haunted but many tourists are too busy having a good time to notice. Have fun sultry Scorpio. 


Sagittarius Glyph

Sagittarius Countries: Tuscany, Australia, Chile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Provence, Spain, Singapore
Sagittarius Cities: Toledo, OH, Nottingham, England, Naples, Italy, Avignon France

Sagittarius is the sign of travel so anywhere in the world is a good place for The Archer to visit. But Australia is a must-see for this sign. Particularly the famous Sydney Opera House.

Australia Sydney Opera House

Capricorn Glyph

Capricorn Countries: Afghanistan, Lithuania, Greece, Bosnia, Mexico, India, Tibet, Bulgaria
Capricorn Cities: Brandenburg, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Port Said, Egypt, Mexico City

Greece is known for its beautiful mountainous landscape by the sea. In fact, two-thirds of Greece is covered with mountains. What better place is there for The Goat to utilize it’s stamina and determination to slowly but surely make its way to the top. 


Aquarius Glyph

Aquarius Countries: Sweden, Poland, Russia, Iran, Cyprus, Finland
Aquarius Cities: Salzburg, Austria, Brighton, England Bremen and Hamburg, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Helsinki, Finland

According to the World Health Organization, Finland’s air is the third cleanest in the world, a major selling point for intellectual air sign, Aquarius. But aside from this fun fact, the capital, Helsinki is home to the Helsinki University of Technology and the Technology Industry is on the rise there making it a great place for tech savvy sign Aquarius to travel. 


Pisces Glyph

Pisces Countries: Samoa, Normandy, Sahara Desert
Pisces Cities: Seville, Spain, Regensburg, Germany, Lancaster, England, Warsaw, Poland

So I know what you’re probably thinking, why…out of all places ruled by Pisces….would you recommend that a water sign represented by two swimming fish visit the Sahara Desert?  Well frankly because they could use some water, even if it’s in the form of energy from this creative water sign, Pisces. 

Sahara Desert

Zodiac City & Country References: Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology