Gemini in Love & Relationships

Gemini Glyph

May 21st – June 20th

What Gemini wants: Variety! 
What Gemini needs: Someone who will keep them grounded and take their head out of the clouds
What Gemini fears: Being bored in a relationship and missing out on what life has to offer 
Gemini’s Best Trait: Their adaptability in different life scenarios
Gemini’s Worst Trait: Tendency to be scatterbrained
Gemini’s Best First Date: Speed Dating!
Gemini’s Sexual Style: Upbeat & energetic with lots of verbal communication, AKA Talking Dirty! 

Where do I even start!!!??? If I had to place a bet on the one sign in the zodiac that most people have had a romantic encounter with, it would be Gemini. As a social air sign, many of them love to meet, mingle, and date new people. This is a polarizing sign and the mere mention of Gemini to people in regards to dating and relationships usually results in some very passionate opinions. But I think they are just misunderstood. So since we’re in Gemini season until June 20th, I’m going to give you the 4-1-1 on Geminis in love relationships should you be brave enough to date one!

The Gemini Personality 

As mentioned, Gemini is an air sign and people born under this element (Libra & Aquarius) are usually talkative and intellectual. So think of  Gemini as a SUPER air sign. With communication planet Mercury as their ruler, Geminis live for good conversations and/or being around people who mentally stimulate them. Boring people who are not willing to try new things in life need not apply for the job of being with a Gemini. They will leave you. Sorry, just keeping it 100! There is also a duality to their personality since this sign is represented by the twins. They can be up one moment and down the next depending on their environment. This can be confusing to their mates, especially earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn). If you’re with a Gemini and experience one of their mood swings, don’t worry too much, their mood will change again just as quickly as it changed the first time! A third layer of complexity to the already dynamic Gemini psyche is that this is a mutable sign meaning they are very adaptable. They can literally “transform” from day-to-day which is why many of them are great performers. (Side note: Some of the greatest rappers of all time were/are Geminis – Tupac, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube & Kanye West!) 

Gemini Twins

Geminis In Relationships

You will never have a dull moment while in a relationship with a Gemini. They love to try new things whether it’s a restaurant or workout class and the more people they can meet along the way, the better. So if you’re with a Gemini you need to be very secure. You shouldn’t expect them to give you their full undivided attention while you’re out and about having a good time. They are easily distracted and variety in people, places and things energizes them. Now not all Geminis are extroverted. Their natal chart needs to be examined to get the full picture of their personality, but even the introverted ones can be talkers when they get comfortable. They have a million thoughts running through their heads, faster than they can get out and many of them talk really, really fast. So hopefully you can keep up! Geminis are really good at verbally motivating people so if you need some support and encouragement they will be there to uplift you. They will also motivate you to be better since they are competitive and good at so many different things. But getting a Gemini to commit is not easy since one of their biggest fears is being in a stagnant and non-eventful relationship. This sign can have a wandering eye, especially in their younger years, so try to keep things exciting. I would even suggest creating a social calendar for your relationship so they can physically see all of the fun and exciting things you will experience together in the future.

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Gemini’s Best Matches 

There are very few signs who can keep up with the speed and agility the Gemini lifestyle brings so my first recommendation for a Gemini would be…another Gemini. Now I know this sounds a little crazy, but only another twin can truly understand the complexity of this sign and keep up with their constant need for communication and variety. Other potential matches are Libra & Aquarius – the two other air signs of the zodiac. Libras also love to communicate and experience new things but since their sign rules partnership they may come off as too codependent to the very independent Gemini. If this is the case, an Aquarius may be a better match because although they love connecting with people from all walks of life, they will give Gemini the space they need. Sagittarius is also a potential match as Gemini’s opposite sign. Sagittarians are natural explorers so traveling the world could be a big part of this relationship. And there could be a connection between Virgo and Gemini since they share a planetary ruler, Mercury. Earthy Virgo can ground the sometimes scattered Gemini while providing their much-needed mental and intellectual stimulation. If I had to choose the worst match for Gemini, it would be Scorpio. Scorpios need power and some sort of control and Geminis ain’t got time for it.

So if you’re thinking about dating a Gemini or already coupled with one, I hope this information was useful for you. If you want to learn more about Gemini check out my About the 12 Zodiac Signs Page. And remember, there is always more to the story when it comes to astrology. You need to understand a person’s natal chart and/or a compatibility chart to discover the intricacies of their personality and your relationship synergy.