Fall 2016 Horoscopes!

Woman in Fall

Time for a fabulous fall!

#Summer16 is coming to a close but don’t fret because fall brings the opportunity for a fresh start! The sun moves into partnership sign Libra on September 22nd signaling the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere and encouraging us all to be more diplomatic with friends, family, lovers and business partners. Happy spring to those of you that live in the southern hemisphere! A new season equals a new beginning so keep reading to find out what’s in store for your sign for the remainder of 2016 and check out Issue 2 of ISTA MAGAZINE curated by the fabulous Decorista to see how you can live the life of your dreams.

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Aries Glyph

You’re the first fire sign of the zodiac and you’re on FIRE this fall. Hopefully you had the chance to do some vacationing this summer with your ruling planet Mars perusing through your 9th house of travel. But now it’s time to buckle down and take advantage of the blessings from the zodiac gods that are about to come into your life.

Career: Power planet Pluto is in your 10th house of career but it’s been retrograde since mid-April, meaning all of this planet’s energy has not been accessible for you to use positively. If you feel like you haven’t been able to get the recognition you deserve at work or in your career, that all could change come September 26th when Pluto goes direct and your ruling planet Mars moves into your 10th house of career the day after.

Love: Your love life is looking up! Luck planet Jupiter moves into your 7th house of partnerships on September 9th, giving you some pep in your step when it comes to relationships. Aries can be selfish, especially in love so learn from your opposite sign, Libra and try to be more compromising. Trust me, its for your greater good.

Taurus Glyph

Family issues have been on your mind for most of the summer forcing you to reevaluate what’s really important in your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed juggling work, love and family, look to your friends for support – they have your back!

Career: Early November things are going to pick up for you in the career arena when action planet Mars moves into your 10th house career and public recognition. This coupled with luck planet Jupiter in your 6th house of work & service for the next year can kick start the beginning of an important project you’ve been wanting to get off the ground.

Love: Love planet Venus, your ruler moves into your 7th house of partnerships on September 23rd adding a special dose of sensuality to this area of your life. Coupled bulls could be looking to take their relationship to the next level and single bulls may find themselves rekindling a relationship with an old flame.

Gemini Glyph

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde for the last few weeks of the summer in your 4th house of home and family, which is the perfect time to renew your personal space. Spend some time decluttering and redecorating your home to start this season off right.

Career: A new moon will occur in your 6th house of work at the end of October marking the perfect time for you to manifest changes you’ve been wanting in your everyday work environment. Start putting yourself out there by submitting resumes and setting up informational interviews. You could land a great gig between this November and April of 2017.

Love: Luck planet Jupiter will be touring your 5th house of romance for an entire year starting in September. Single? Sign up for every dating app there is and get out there. If anyone can juggle multiple suitors, it’s you! Coupled? Use your wild imagination to plan some extraordinary dates for you and your boo.

Cancer Glyph

You may start the season off more concerned about your finances than usual, which could be attributed to a move or updates to your residence. Try not to worry too much, Cancer rules the home so beautifying your space or moving to a more desirable location will be good for your soul.

Career: Mid-October a full moon lights up your 10th house of career and public image, which could bring some good news to this area of your life. If you’re looking for a creative outlook, writing could bring some extra joy to your life especially if you’ve been thinking about starting a food or home decorating blog.

Love: You may have had some power struggles or tests in your relationships since April of 2016 but with Pluto going direct in the area of your life that rules partnerships things may be looking up. At the end of September Mars may add some spice to your love life. Just try not to be too bossy in your relationships.

Leo Glyph

You’ve probably been working hard for the money, honey and hopefully you had the chance to increase your income at the end of the summer. If not, now’s the time to ask for what you want with Jupiter blessing your communication house for an entire year. And if you’ve plateaued in your career, going back to school or taking a class to sharpen your professional skills could payoff big time.

Career: You’ve got the power to kill it at your day job with Pluto going direct in your 6th house of work. There’s always a hater amongst us so try to be diplomatic at work and don’t give your coworkers or manager a reason to give you a hard time.

Love: Your focus on increasing your money in the bank may have depleted your love tank and you were born to love, Leo. Don’t fret. The romance department will open back up for business come November/December.

Virgo Glyph

Go Virgo, it’s your birthday…you’re always on at the end of the summer and since Jupiter has been in your sign for a year you’ve had more luck than usual. It’s now time to share the love with Libra but your winning streak will continue with your finances receiving an extra dose of love.

Career: You’re naturally a worker bee but things will pick up in your day job come October. You may have the itch to find a new gig and that’s not a bad idea. Speak up to your boss or a client and ask for what you deserve. If they don’t oblige, someone else will. #Knowyourworth.

Love: In the words of super Virgo, Beyoncé “you’re feeling sexy…”with Mars in your 5th house of romance. Hopefully you have a lucky significant other who can reap the benefits of your vixen vibes but if not, make sure you stay on the prowl in late September/early October. The sexy force is with you.

Libra Glyph

Congratulations Libra, you’re the new top dog in town. Luck planet Jupiter moves into your sign for an entire year in September adding a little pep to your step and extra swag to your style. Enjoy this time in the spotlight; you’ve been waiting patiently behind the scenes for a while now.

Career: You’ve got the magic touch so now’s the time to explore your options and sell yourself as the powerhouse that you are. Before the end of the year you’ll be supported by action planet Mars to make some real progress at work, setting you up for a successful 2017.

Love: Relationships are just your thing Libra and chances are you’ve been in one for a while now. Mid-October the full moon in your opposite sign, Aries could take your relationship to a level you’ve been patiently waiting for. Single Libras have a good chance of finding a new love interest with this energy so be on the lookout.

Scorpio Glyph

What’s cooking, good looking?” Love and beauty planet Venus moves into your sign at the end of September making you appear more attractive. It’s a great time to get a new haircut, get a new wardrobe or have a total makeover.

Career: With Saturn in your 2nd house of finances, your spending may have increased and money feels tight. Saturn is cracking the whip so that you get this area of your life in order for the long run. This may mean taking on an extra gig to bring some more cash into your life. An unexpected raise or windfall may come to you mid-October.

Love: So that makeover you’re going to get…that’s not just for you to admire yourself in the mirror. Your boo or potential new boos will appreciate it. You’ll have your honey or suitors eating out of the palm of your hand from the beginning of fall until your birthday season.

Sagittarius Glyph

Sagittarius is the sign of travel so hopefully you were able to go on a couple of trips in July or early August while the sun was perusing through your 9th house of travel and education. I hope you rested well because now it’s game time. You’re about to get real busy socially and professionally.

Career: The new moon solar eclipse in your 10th house of career at the beginning of September was a reset button for you’re destiny in the world. The end of summer was most likely a busy time for you now have the opportunity to start a new project in the fall that could payoff big time over the next 6 months.

Love: Luck planet Jupiter will be touring your 11th house of friends and groups for an entire year starting in September making you the new social butterfly of the zodiac. Single Sags will have many opportunities to meet new love interests through friends and those of you that are coupled can enjoy the company of your honey while socializing and making new friends.

Capricorn Glyph

Cap my friend…you’re a goat that is setting yourself up to be the GOAT – greatest of all time! Power planet Pluto finally goes direct in your sign giving you the power to go for whatever it is that you want. Be careful what you wish for, you will most likely get it.

Career: Simply put, you’re on. Lucky Jupiter is touring your 10th house of career – the house that your sign rules, for an entire year putting you in the right place at the right time over and over again. If anyone knows how to take advantage of good opportunities, it’s you and I know you won’t let the opportunities that come your way between now and October 2017 go to waste.

Love: We all know work is your thing but work is not everything. You’re going to have to try to find balance in the midst of all the opportunities that will come your way, particularly in the love department. Love planet Venus is in your social house at the beginning of fall so network for work and you’ll possibly find love while doing so.

Aquarius Glyph

I see advanced learning in the future for you dear water bearer. You love learning and lately you may have been considering going back to school, taking some online classes or taking up a new hobby. Expansion planet Jupiter is in your 9th house of travel and education for a year, blessing you with the ability to expand your mental horizon.

Career: If you’re feeling stagnant in your career learning a new skill set will increase your value in the workplace so get to it. Early fall is a good time to ask for a raise or negotiate a new rate with a client. You’ll have extra blessings from Venus in your career sector giving you the power of persuasion.

Love: I wouldn’t describe you as the typical lovey-dovey type but mid-October could be a romantic time for you with love planet Venus touring your 11th house of friends and groups – the house that your sign governs. There’s a good chance you could meet a new love interest while you’re with the homies. If you’re already tied down, plan some fun group activities with your boo and your besties.

Pisces Glyph

Investments could be lucrative for you dreamy Pisces from the beginning of fall until October 2017, especially if you’re teaming up with a partner. If you’re drawing up contracts whether it be for a home or business deal it would be best to wait until after October 6th to finalize when Mercury retrograde and its shadow period is over.

Career: You may be more concerned with personal relationships and trying to continue your summer fun at the beginning of fall but come late October when the sun moves into your sister sign, Scorpio you’ll have the opportunity to broaden your skill set in your career, setting you up for a successful winning streak on the job at the end of the year.

Love: The end of summer may bring an old flame back into the picture with Mercury retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships. Just remember why you broke it off with this person in the first place. Do you really want to start a new season making the same mistake you made in the past? Probably not.