Decorate Your Home for Scorpio Season!

Decorate Your Home for Scorpio Season!

Scorpio Living Room

The sun is in sultry Scorpio and it’s time to bring some passion and mystery to your space! Scorpio is the second water sign of the zodiac and rules power, transformation, death, rebirth, sex and large amounts of money. Sounds intense, right!? Well many Scorpios are intense but they are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac and one of the most powerful. But all zodiac signs can bring more power into their lives by taking a page out of the scorpion’s book and sprucing up their space for Scorpio season, October 23rd through November 21st.

Scorpio Season Tip #1: Completely transform one part of your home

Scorpio bathroom

Scorpio is one of the few signs that has two rulers, one being Pluto which is the planet of transformation. Many people may wait until the spring to make changes to their home but Scorpio season is a great time to transform your home in some way. This doesn’t mean you have to tackle a kitchen or bathroom renovation right before holiday season but doing things as simple as painting an accent wall, adding French doors for more light or getting your closet professionally organized are perfect ways to make small changes for a major impact. And I’m a true believer in changing your environment to change your life in some way.

Scorpio Season Tip #2: Go Dark

Metallic Pumpkins

Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology, which is the house of death. Sounds scary but it is actually a very spiritual house because death allows for rebirth and renewal. Life is about ying and yang so even though Scorpio is usually associated with dark colors and secrecy, there is a light associated with people born under this sign because they are resilient and natural healers. Adding deep dark colors to your space through pillows, paint and/or furniture provides contrast and allows the lighter areas of your home to pop. Or you can just decorate for Halloween since the sun moves into Scorpio 7-8 days before Halloween.

Scorpio Season Tip #3: Ignite your bedroom

Scorpio Bedroom

Scorpios have a reputation for being highly sexual which is no surprise since this sign rules the genitals. Yes…this is a real thing. Every zodiac sign is associated with a part of the body. The rumors are true and many Scorpios love dominating in the bedroom. Well you can’t let them have all the fun! Bring some sensuality to your life by investing in some high thread count or satin sheets and/or by allocating one of your dresser drawers to your “special” toys or sexy lingerie. Scorpios are secretive so you don’t need to keep all of your “decor” on display.

Scorpio Season Tip #4: Incorporate Feng Shui for prosperity

Sun Room with Plant

Feng Shui (arranging your surroundings for harmony and balance) can be tricky and hard to follow if you have a non-traditional floor plan but there are easy ways for everyone to use feng shui to bring prosperity into their homes. One easy way is to declutter. Clutter equals confusion and confusion leads to a lack of productivity. And if you can’t be productive, it’s hard to attract prosperity. Another way to bring prosperity and money (Scorpio rules large amounts of money) is to add real plants to your space. Throw out those artificials! If you’re known for being a plant murder, get some low maintenance succulents.

Scorpio Season Tip #5: Solve some mysteries

Halloween Mystery Party

So this is not really a decor tip, but a suggestion for the types of activities you should do in your home during Scorpio season. Scorpios are natural investigators and many of them love getting down to the bottom of….well anything. Invite some friends over (Halloween party anyone?) and play a murder mystery game where you all have to guess who the killer is. Or binge watch some cult classic shows like The X Files, Dexter or Law & Order. Your Scorpio friends will be in heaven and everyone else will get a taste of how this sign rolls.

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