Decorate Your Home for Libra Season

Holiday Decor

Time to pull out your cashmere sweaters and cozy blankets because it’s officially fall! Every year when the sun moves into the zodiac sign Libra, we have the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and spring equinox in the southern hemisphere. The memories of summer will start to slowly fade away but fall is great time to reevaluate your goals and buckle down for the remainder of the year. For those of you born between September 23rd and October 22nd under the sign of Libra, fall is a particularly auspicious time for you. But every zodiac sign can benefit from adding some of the Libra charm to their living space. Check out my tips on how to decorate your space for Libra season!

Libra Season Tip #1: Get Balanced

Glamorous Nightstands

The sign of Libra is represented by the scales because Libras are all about being balanced and fair. This is why they have a reputation for being incisive, they just want to make the best and most fair choice! One of the ways we all can get balanced is by creating symmetry within your home. For instance, if you only have one nightstand or lamp in your bedroom, look to add a second one. Especially if you’re wanting to bring new love into your life. Or get a new set of window curtains or drapes to frame your window. How about a pair of monogrammed towels for your bathroom? Creating balance in your home is easy and helps you stay centered.

Libra Season Tip #2: Add a Touch of Glam

Diptique Home Decor

Libra is ruled by love and beauty planet Venus so this sign loves luxury. Luxury doesn’t have to mean using the most expensive fabrics or splurging on a new designer couch. But by all means do it if you have the funds! You can add a touch of glam to your space in subtle ways like using decorative items with reflective surfaces or adding a designer candle to your coffee table. Another way to add glam is by antique shopping (many Libras love antiques!). You could score a beautiful crystal chandelier in a thrift store for less than half the price of something y

Libra Season Tip #3: Bring in the Love

Rose Quartz Platter

Libra is the sign of partnership so they LOVE both romantic and platonic relationships. This is one of the romantic signs in the zodiac so we can all take a page out of their book on how to bring more romance into our homes. One way to do this is by adding a rose quartz crystal in your home, preferably in the bedroom next to your bed. Rose quartz is a love stone associated with Libra and Taurus and rules the heart chakra. This crystal can help heal and open your heart to love which can help you call new love into your life or improve your relationship with your partner.

Libra Season Tip #4: Step Up Your Art Game

Gallery Wall

Beauty planet Venus’ rulership over Libra gives many people born under the scales a love of artwork. Libras appreciate beauty in all forms so spending an afternoon in a museum can be one of their favorite past times. Not all of us can afford an original Warhol but there are much cheaper ways to add original artwork to your walls to make a statement. An entry way is a great place for large piece of artwork and it it will be even more special if you tap into your inner Botticelli and paint your own original piece of art.

Libra Season Tip #5: Have a Party!

Chic Christmas Party Decor

Because Libra is an air sign and the sign of partnership, many of them love being around people. Air signs are usually thinkers who value great company and conversations. Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season in the northern hemisphere so it’s a great time to invite your closest friends over to your home for a fun and festive get together. This is the perfect time for you to have fun with themed decor, finally make some of the recipes you’ve been hoarding on pinterest and mix up your favorite cocktail. Kick the party up a notch by requesting that everyone dress in their Sunday’s best and you’ll have a party that’s totally insta and snap worthy.

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