Cancer in Love and Relationships

Cancer Woman

Cancer GlyphJune 21st – July 22nd

What Cancers want: Security
What Cancers need: Someone who understands them emotionally and makes them feel safe to open up 
What Cancers fear: Exposing their inner most secret and fears to their partner and then being abandoned
Cancer’s Best Trait: Nurturing comes naturally to them
Cancer’s Worst Trait: Unpredictable moodiness
Cancer’s Best First Date: Cooking Class
Cancer’s Sexual Style: Initially shy but sensual

If you’re lucky enough to meet a Cancer who took some time to finally get out of the house and meet someone new, this is the article for you! I’m giving you the scoop on the general Cancer personality, how they behave in love relationships and which zodiac signs are their best matches!

The Cancer Personality 

Cancer is a water sign and people born under this element (Scorpio & Pisces) are emotional and intuitive feelers. Cancer is a cardinal sign which means they are initiators. They are usually good at going after what they want in a discreet and subtle way, a much different approach than two other cardinal signs, Aries and their opposite sign Capricorn. The Moon rules Cancer giving this sign a a knack for nurturing others since the Moon represents the mother or feminine and nurturing energy in astrology. People born under the sign of the crab are amazing at supporting others emotionally and physically but not so great at receiving the same type of support back. Think of the traits of crab, hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Walks sideways, buries itself under the sand or in the water. Crabs work together as a family to provide food and protection for each other. Cancers possess many of the traits of their crustacean archetype. They can project a tough exterior and be hard to get to know when deep down they are loving and caring souls ready to lend a hand when you need it. They can be passive aggressive which usually manifests itself as moodiness but just as quickly as their mood changes, it can change again thanks to their ruler being the fast moving moon. The emotional rollercoaster that Cancer sometimes finds him/herself on can be disruptive to their lives and while it’s something they will most likely always have to deal with in some way or another, there are tools and techniques that can help them cope with their intense feelings. One of my favorite things to use to provide emotional balance and stability and something I recommend my Cancer friends try is Lavender + Vanilla MoonShine Gem Elixir from Love By Luna. This gem and lavender infused oil will help relax their mind and combat stress.


Cancers In Relationships

If a Cancer loves you, consider yourself blessed. This sign loves and cares for their loved ones like no other. One of the ways this is expressed is through worry, similar to Virgo. If you’re dating a Cancer, they will express their love practically by making sure you got home safe at the end of the night, that you call them when your flight lands, or that you’ve had enough to eat. Speaking of eating, many Cancers are excellent cooks and/or they love to eat. Since this sign rules the home, they can pour their heart and soul into preparing a delicious home cooked meal to let you know how much they care. So it’s important to acknowledge their kind gestures, whether it’s folding your clothes, cleaning the house or making you a quick sandwich. Being appreciated for their acts of kindness is extremely important to Cancers so selfish lovers should stay away from this sign. If a Cancer feels they are being taken advantage of, they may not always stick up for themselves. But trust me when I say you will definitely know they’re upset. They will most likely give you attitude, be short with you and withdraw their affection until they are ready to address the situation with you. Or until you badger them enough for them to finally admit what’s bothering them. One thing most Cancers don’t have the patience for is disloyalty. Feeling safe and secure with their partner is a top priority so if you’re a person who is constantly on the go, flirty and needs their independence, it may be difficult to be in a relationship with this sign. They need reassurance that you’re always going to be there for them so leave flakiness at the door. It takes this sign a while to open up to people so once they finally do, it hurts them immensely to be let down. If you’re with a Cancer that has worked through their emotional and family issues (many of us have them!) you are very lucky. This can be one of the best signs in the zodiac to be with. They will make sure you feel loved, protected and cared for…just like a mother would.

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Cancer’s Best Matches 

When it comes to sun sign compatibility, Cancer does well with signs that are patient, practical and emotionally vulnerable. Earth sign Taurus is usually a good match for Cancer. They both love food, being comfortable and appreciate practical gestures. Taurus is one of the most loyal and patient signs in the zodiac so they will give Cancer the reassurance they need to slowly open up. Water signs Scorpio and Pisces are also good matches for Cancer since they are both feelers. Scorpio is also a very loyal sign and will understand Cancers emotional makeup. But when these two signs are not getting along it can be battle of the bad moods. And Scorpio being extremely stubborn will win in the war of no-words. Cancer will have to cave in and be the first to apologize. Pisces will have a more gentle approach when it comes to disagreements. They can be moody too but since Pisces is a mutable sign, they are able to bounce back and move on from whatever issue you may have experienced. Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite so this can be a complimentary relationship. Capricorns are not known for being emotional but I’m going to tell you a secret…deep down they are. When it comes to opposites in the zodiac, one sign’s characteristics can be the opposite sign’s shadow side. So Capricorn being Cancer’s opposite has intense emotions but represses them to where they come off as being cold. Cancer is able to intuitively sense what Capricorn is going through and provide them emotional support. Capricorn being a stable earth sign, gives Cancer the feeling of security by providing a stable home and (hopefully) being responsible financially. My pick for the worst Cancer match is a tie between Sagittarius and Aquarius. These signs both need their freedom and don’t have the time or patience to cater to Cancer’s emotional needs…unless of course they have astrological aspects or planets in their natal chart that say otherwise.

So if you’re thinking about dating a Cancer or you’re already coupled with one, I hope this information was useful for you. If you want to learn more about Cancer check out my About the 12 Zodiac Signs Page.. And remember, there is always more to the story when it comes to astrology. You need to understand a person’s natal chart and/or a compatibility chart to discover the intricacies of their personality and you’re relationship synergy.