Tamerri Ater



“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tamerri Z. Ater, Owner and Founder of Astrofashionista, LLC, is a professional astrologer and personal success coach. Her mission is to encourage and empower people to create prosperity in every area of their lives by using the ancient gift of astrology.

With over 10 years of experience studying astrology and divination, Tamerri has advised hundreds of clients on how to make their dreams a reality. Through her work she is able to use her clients’ natal chart – a snapshot of their soul’s destiny, to help them “know thyself”, find their life purpose/career path, improve their relationships, attract their ideal partner, and more!   Tamerri’s website, Astrofashionista.com gives visitors practical advice on how to use astrology everyday to maximize their success in a fun and relatable way. A lover of fashion and beauty, Tamerri used the power of astrology to help guide her career advancements as a global marketing professional for multi-billion dollar corporations Hearst Magazines (Marie Claire) and Unilever Prestige (Murad & Dermalogica), and Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles.
Tamerri was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, is a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and determined to help bring good fortune to inner peace seekers worldwide!
Learn more about my journey and How Astrology Changed My Life.

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Using astrology to help others find success in their lives is a part of my destiny. Let me help you find and fulfill yours.

I’ve studied astrology for 10 years but beauty, fashion and interior design have always been the way I express my creativity and need to be surrounded by loveliness (Taurus is ruled by love & beauty planet Venus).   I’ve also worked for big names in the fashion and beauty industry and used astrology as a tool to help guide my career choices and confirm my life purpose. One of my goals is to simplify astrology for the average person. All the talk about planets, asteroids, signs and houses can be overwhelming. Let me do the interpreting so you take away key points and action items that help improve your life.


The moment you were born your soul made a stamp on the world. This is illustrated in your natal chart. We’re all multi-faceted beings here to coexist with people whom are very different from us. This can be challenging. Let me help you navigate the world so that you can live the most meaningful and prosperous life you were destined to.   LETS TALK! Your Dreams Are Waiting…